Stonehill Domains ( & is a (“Domain of One’s Own) project sponsored by the Digital Innovation Lab at Stonehill College and Stonehill’s Information Technology department. As part of this initiative faculty and students are eligible to request access to a subdomain within (URL).

Users of the system are expected to abide by all existing federal and state law and regulations (including copyright and intellectual property law) as well as by all existing College policies.

Users of Stonehill Domains understand that the work they publish and make publicly available on their Stonehill Domains site may be browsed or viewed by anyone on the Web. Even spaces created to limit availability must comply with the same laws, policies, and standards.

Stonehill College reserves the right to monitor any sites hosted by Stonehill Domains. Users understand that the Stonehill College system administrators have full access to all user accounts and content for the purpose of troubleshooting and managing the system. In instances where content is found to be in violation of the laws, policies, and standards mentioned above, this access may also be used to remove user content. Users who repeatedly violate these laws, policies, and standards will have their accounts suspended permanently.

Users understand that as part of the project, their public content may be aggregated and shared through the project’s Web site as a means of building community and exploring the activity of the larger project.

Users who receive a subdomain and hosting space may continue to use it as long as they are a student or employee at Stonehill College during the term of the pilot. Upon leaving the College or the end of the pilot, a user will no longer have access to hosting space, and Stonehill College will no longer support the user on the system.  When possible, documentation will be provided for preserving and migrating hosted material to another Web hosting service.

Stonehill College reserves the right to terminate this project at any time in the future, but the College will endeavor to provide adequate notice to users.

Stonehill College reserves the right to determine whether any subdomain or domain meets appropriate naming conventions (e.g. URLs may not use College name without prior written permission).

Sites and material hosted by Stonehill Domains ( may not include or display content that includes any of the following. Any violation of these guidelines may result in the suspension and termination of user’s access to the system.

  1. Any violation of Stonehill policy, guideline, or standard.
  2. Any violation of copyright or intellectual property law.
  3. Any violation of Stonehill’s Academic Honor Code, Ethics Code, or Community Standards.
  4. Any information that violates FERPA regulations.
  5. Any instance of plagiarism.
  6. Any invasion of Personal Privacy.
  7. Any business transactions.
  8. Social Security Numbers in part or whole.
  9. Credit or debit card information.
  10. Impersonations of third parties, including other universities, businesses, or organizations.
  11. Any suggestion of sponsorship or endorsement of the College. Use or distortion of the College’s visual mark or branding features are not permitted without advance written permission.
  12. Content that might cause harm to people you represent in your digital publications.
  13. Illegal content. Users must ensure all links, applications, and digital content agreements are fully sanctioned by the original provider.
  14. Any other content deemed inappropriate for or by the Stonehill College community.

Stonehill Domains is intended for academic and professional use associated with the user’s role at the College. Any sites deemed to not advance the user’s role or position at the College will be taken off-line and access will be suspended or terminated. Users must understand that all material published in Stonehill Domains is widely accessible on the open web and accessible by search engines.